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Grassroots cars go to the world

Grassroots cars go to the world

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(Summary description)20 million yuan exhibition cost, a deafening sound of gongs and drums of Peking Opera performance, "the Chinese dragon" main model, more than 50 people visit booth number - geely cars represent China to attend have the world largest auto show, the 61 Frankfurt auto show, so reach own purpose. Giovanni cobolli gigli old total LiShuFu tone heroic, "I go to Frankfurt motor show, in that stage, geely automobile will represent China's car."

Grassroots cars go to the world

(Summary description)20 million yuan exhibition cost, a deafening sound of gongs and drums of Peking Opera performance, "the Chinese dragon" main model, more than 50 people visit booth number - geely cars represent China to attend have the world largest auto show, the 61 Frankfurt auto show, so reach own purpose. Giovanni cobolli gigli old total LiShuFu tone heroic, "I go to Frankfurt motor show, in that stage, geely automobile will represent China's car."

  • Categories:Company news
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  • Time of issue:2012-08-17
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20 million yuan exhibition cost, a deafening sound of gongs and drums of Peking Opera performance, "the Chinese dragon" main model, more than 50 people visit booth number - geely cars represent China to attend have the world largest auto show, the 61 Frankfurt auto show, so reach own purpose. Giovanni cobolli gigli old total LiShuFu tone heroic, "I go to Frankfurt motor show, in that stage, geely automobile will represent China's car."


"We want is overseas awareness. Obviously, we did it!" Giovanni cobolli gigli news people proudly said, "German TV a, two stage, the sound of Germany and so on are reported, CCTV news are, a total of the important media reported the domestic and foreign each have hundreds of......"


Indeed, for haven't won the European car import licensing of giovanni cobolli gigli speaking, that is afraid just make call also value.


Obviously, LiShuFu apparently didn't meet in the German media the spotlight of the show. Prepare stage from Frankfurt show begins, the practical LiShuFu took the eye on the Frankfurt motor show in the hundreds of dealers and customer body. Energetic giovanni cobolli gigli team with more than five hundred overseas dealers to negotiate the business, including German local dealers, intentional order up to several hundred thousand vehicles, this can be said to be the lucky expanding overseas market and a landmark event.


In addition, jiangling land breeze and the the two car by dealers also scheduled to attend the exhibition. In the three Chinese car brands, the land breeze car is the first real into the European market brand. The comments in Frankfurt motor show debut, land breeze for 14900 euros ($) of the low price and fashionable appearance cause European dealer the universal attention.


The Chinese brand cars in the auto show collective appear, has attracted the interest of all media, they generally believe that this is a signal: Chinese car ready to pile in the fierce competition in the European market. According to nuremberg &poor's market research, with the German financial times common public opinion poll, a quarter of Germany drivers have buying Chinese car wishes. 61.3% of the car buyers believe that China's auto manufacturers to create a competitive ability of vehicle.


However, the Chinese car is not only the flowers and applause, and frontal throw to "eggs".


In the auto show the next day, September 14,, the German automobile club ADAC suddenly announced "destructive" safety test data, the paper pointed out the imports from China to Europe jiangling land breeze SUV does not conform to safety standards, says it is 20 years in safety test the worst performance car.


ADAC relentlessly will land breeze compared to "a barbie doll canned sheet", do not accord with the European high safety standards, and called on the European countries banned the import of the car. Test results, the fans had a great influence in Germany in the German "automobile pictorial" with "the most dangerous in the world car" issues has carried on the report. A tornado offensive in public opinion has launched a circle.


For the price of only 14900 euro price and air conditioning, CD player, four fan power window inclusive of the land breeze car is concerned, all of the accused ADAC is clearly premeditated.


Collision results showed that the land breeze final result is: positive impact 1 minute, full marks 16 points, side impact 12 points, full marks 16 points; Passenger protection: 13 points, the full score 37 points; Children's safety: 39 points, full marks 49 points.


For this achievement, people familiar with the explanation says, jiangling land breeze overall test results are not very bad, some data and even is better than that of quite a number of European enterprises, the total DE automobile club only revealed the most unfavorable to jiangling land breeze data.


Earlier, another of the same agency, the Dutch national car drivers association also to land breeze made a test. The Netherlands report, not only think land breeze safety range, and severe environmental pollution, driving stability is also very bad.


A source says, two European automobile club at the same time the land breeze security testing, and issue the test report against jiangling, is trying to ban land breeze in Europe sales.


The land breeze into the European car a thorn in the organization, because the land breeze in the same models with a strong market competitiveness, and the European market similar performance than car, land breeze cheap 3000 to 4000 euros.


July 5, the first batch of 200 cars by jiangling group production of land breeze SUV arrived in Antwerp port, quickly sold out in three weeks, In August, the second group of 500 landwind vehicles during the month, also sold out; In September, land breeze and get 1500 sets of order. Selling momentum to land breeze European agency announced that next year to 20000 cars sold in Europe.


Cheap Chinese car into the European market, caused the occidental a piece of "Wolf has come" sound.


"Why the report released time is just land breeze in Europe announced next want to sell 20000 vehicles, and after just choose the land breeze Frankfurt motor show time announced? Is the European rivals feel pressure?" As jiangling group's partner, changan group President YinGuXu expressed his question, speech front directed at ADAC purpose behind.


According to a news from changan group, said on September 29,, the European authoritative professional testing institutions tuv company with European standards for land breeze car collision testing, and concluded that the land breeze car can well ensure rides personnel safety, is a safety car. October 6 land breeze European dealers have been in the Hague in the Netherlands to the media announced the Rhine company's collision testing results, and clearly expressed land breeze car safety trust attitude.


Changan company also revealed that the land breeze brand Europe the number of distributors and users reservation number is increasing in, the European market for years sales of about 1000 cars to plan is expected to overfulfil.


The personage inside course of study also said China car in the internationalization and out of the country and the international market of approximation, do not eliminate individual international counterparts and national, regional deliberately in the security, technology, collision, etc for setting obstacles.


This year 4, 5 months during the Shanghai auto show, the New York times published the deregulation plan, points out, "whether the United States great lakes or or Germany or, where the old industrial area this note: China's auto come!" In addition, the Detroit auto news columnist John McCormick also points out, "in the sagging car market, China gradually become the global market of engine". He was more assert that China automobile exports to the United States have no what can't.


All these show that the world is paid close attention to China's automobile industry's every move, fear of China, after "shoes and trousers" later, become the next car global suppliers.


Automobile exports, the independent brand into main


"Wenzhou lighter let the whole world lighter factory is closed," we want to be like sell wenzhou lighter, let lucky car to the world." - this is not "auto fury" chairman giovanni cobolli gigli LiShuFu, how many times "talk a lot of nonsense".


However, statistics show that the LiShuFu KuangQi has a heavy bottom spirit. 2004 giovanni cobolli gigli cars exported 4846 cars, a growth than in 2003 for 10 times, export markets in the Middle East, north Africa and South America in 29 countries and regions, including its lofty sentiments, America and Japan, HuaPu, beauty leopard car etc in domestic production of all models. This year, the export of giovanni cobolli gigli goal is to 10000 vehicles in the first half of this year geely automobile total export car nearly 3000 cars. Into the second half just giovanni cobolli gigli free ship a car received a 3000 vehicles overseas purchase order.


LiShuFu said, vigorously explore international market is lucky future development strategy ", one of as early as last year, I said, the two thirds of the automobile sell to go abroad ". Geely automobile the earliest and Malaysia IGC group is the vehicle project and CKD (half parts and components assembly) project formal cooperation signing. According to the agreement, cobolli gigli company and Malaysia's largest aluminium alloy manufacturer IGC group in Malaysia manufacture, assembly and export geely automobile, this is giovanni cobolli gigli realize its automobile product "throughout the world" an important part of the internationalization strategy. Geely plans to Malaysia in 2006 export 10000 cars, 30000 a complete set of parts and components.


According to the relevant person in charge said IGC group, used for CKD project prophase investment is 200 million moving, capacity is 30000 cars a year. Giovanni cobolli gigli imported into Malaysia's vehicle have 5, respectively is's 203 a, Roy 300, the 203, Roy SRV and giovanni cobolli gigli pickup; Will be in Malaysia for CKD assembly production of four car, respectively is CK - 1, free ship, FC - 1 and LG - 1, including FC - 1 and LG - 1 is lucky new research and development models, the global synchronization will be listed.


And giovanni cobolli gigli also aggressive is the same with independent brand of chery company. Early in October 2001, China's first independent brand export their becoming disarranged chery got, the first batch of the cars export Middle East, In August 2003, chery started with Iran first CKD cooperation projects, and make China's automobile can also began to collect technology transfer fee, at present the output of each month for more than 1000 Taiwan. In the Middle East, Lebanon, for example, in 2001, chery's sales for 100 cars, 2002 years to achieve more than 1000 cars, 2004 annual sales of more than 3000 car.


In January, the American automobile dealers "dream car" company, announced in 2007 in the United States market chery automobile, but also the China automobile exports the main market is from the Middle East, southeast Asia and other places at one fell swoop pointed to the automobile manufacturing power the United States. According to plan, chery cars this year will export more than 20000 vehicles, and this might be just a warm-up before the competition.


Hand in hand with chery near American dream company CEO brooklyn has released "reengineering a Toyota" big. He also revealed that the dream will be in the United States for chery automobile market sales investment of 200 million us dollars, will be in the United States the organization established 250 car sales outlets. By 2007, chery in America's annual sales target for 250000 or more cars car.


At present chery and global 23 countries signed the vehicle or CKD export contract, the product involves the cloud,) qiyun, QQ, son of the east and the production of suvs and NEW CROSSOVER models, etc. Chery has established the international company, global business is divided into Asia Pacific, asean region, Denmark, in South America area and the African area five parts, including the Middle East has nearly 15 dealers, eastern Europe has nearly 11 dealers, the asia-pacific region has nearly six dealers, Africa 6, is the independent brand, overseas network layout a most.


In addition to chery and geely outside, just the car industry only three years of byd has scored Malaysia auto market export channels. Thus, byd old total WangChuanFu plan of Malaysia - asean - the Middle East - the European export channels early prototype.


On September 2,, byd cars in Beijing, China hotel and Malaysia a distribution company export signed cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, byd auto every year to Malaysia export f Lyle vehicle and byd F3 vehicle will be more than 3000 vehicles. At the same time, the company also got the byd cars in the united Arab emirates exclusive dealership, responsible for byd auto products in the united Arab emirates sales.


According to byd auto sales company general manager XiaZhiBing discloses, byd F3 next year can realize to Malaysia exports, and in an export 3000 cars byd auto, the proportion of F3 to "look at the local market situation and decide".


In the export agreement, byd auto also said, does the company want to Malaysia for ramp, the asean market and the Asian market, from the international market counterattack in the domestic market.


At present, byd auto already and nine countries established export relations, and in Columbia, venezuela, Syria, Egypt and other countries set up sales channels, and exports has risen from 2003 cars to expand to 2004 cars this year, the export of byd goal is to 3000 vehicles. In addition to asean and the Middle East market outside, byd auto also ready to open the European market, the first station choose in the Netherlands.


In the vehicle export "dark horse" is this year just "to go into the international market" as enterprise development strategy carry out of the south steam group, south steam wuxi xinya way company to August ten thousand cars xinya way series auto export Malaysia's order, it is reported, this is the present domestic vehicle exports to the highest record. This batch of export vehicle next delivery. The company also said another all cars export agreement is in the coming negotiation.


In addition, tianjin faw, brilliance, changhe, etc local enterprises also have accelerated the pace of overseas gold, xiali, Chinese, adel, dipper, Mr Daily life.as the independent brand cars on a journey, some of the models also entered the United States, Japan and other developed markets.


Why is "grass roots"


And "descendants of royal families" general the national policy to caress of joint ventures and are expected to "great trees" state-owned "three", compared to the day since birth in crack in the struggle, such as chery, geely undoubtedly should be categorized as "grass roots" camp.


Study of national automobile industry policy is not difficult to discover, although we are looking forward to a market for the national automobile industry's rapid development, "bringing in" and "going out" for the future. But with the multinational company for transfers-will veil LiaoKai one, the original intention seems more close to wishful imagination. Because the core technology and the lack of the ability to develop, resulting in more than 90% of the domestic market by foreign brand occupation, "tree" the so-called right, the shadow of autonomy has become increasingly thin.


It has been reported that in September this year the first day of the Frankfurt motor show, faw group President ZhuYanFeng also in more than subordinate eared visited the booth giovanni cobolli gigli. In the face of giovanni cobolli gigli loudly declared himself is China automobile spokesman, we cannot explore ZhuYanFeng at this moment heart acor.


As China's most senior automobile manufacturers, faw in the domestic market ride the whirlwind, respectively and Volkswagen, Toyota, etc the world's top auto joint production of cars, but are in the domestic sales. Theory of strength, the technology, the national brand of faw could only watch with admiration, however, in the export, even ZhuYanFeng are also unable to make a decision.


In contrast, hold high the banner of the independent brand "grass roots" enterprise vitality was rather stubborn. In the car the most eye-catching areas, a seemingly "mission impossible" is led by them to conquer, such as be must times looking forward to export cars.


Although the export quantity and amount of small, almost make transnational giants disdain, but from "grass roots" campaign has been always to break out, and occupied in sedan export most of the share.


Our country the cars export dream to step into reality the main force of why these "grass roots" enterprise?


"Joint venture enterprise of foreign don't want to let China factory vehicle export. Want to solve the export problems, which depends on our independent enterprise." Tsinghua university professor and academy collegue XiaDongLin macroeconomic research YuanGang bright point of view completely consistent.


They think that multinational companies to China joint venture factories, is at the Chinese market, they are not willing to let the Chinese export in again on a slice of this action, more will not let China joint venture with labor cost advantage, to impact their own strategic layout and price system. While the Chinese again want to export, but don't have the say, no sales channel, this is the national policy support is also difficult to solve complex problems.


In November 2004, Beijing modern export Russia 19000 cars plan hindered, because partner of south Korean modern block. Analysts pointed out that, in the joint venture enterprise established at the same time, in fact, the Chinese side will have lost voice.


In our joint venture of car, the proportion of the funds on is basically equity half and half. For example, the south Korean modern and being in the equity is the proportion is 50%; Changan suzuki in the ZhongWaiFang stock ownership is 51% : 49%; BMW brilliance each 50% faw Toyota ownership structure is more complex, but can say to sum up faw accounted for 51% of the shares, Toyota accounted for 49%. In truth, it involves substantial interests in China, the Chinese side more have the last word.


But as early as the beginning of agreement, a lot of agreement provisions is not allowed to be exported, Or in a joint venture agreement, the outside will emphasize on its accredit sales scope, thus ultimately confine the joint venture to sale solely within the country.


"Foreign investment to China's building joint venture enterprise purpose is to take the Chinese market, and never use joint ventures in China a large number of exports, now the world look, automobile industry are very difficult, so have export good, first will be thinking of my own business." China's automobile industry development research institute chief analyst JiaXinGuang said.


For sale in domestic market and export with "dark horse" image give prize chery is concerned, its chairman and general manager of the YinTongYao a declaration rates with fellow mutual encouragement: "the independent brand automobile enterprise to do joint venture enterprise cannot do, of which the most important is to take the lead in realizing the export large quantities of."


He said, going out is not to avoid domestic competition, also not be wishful imagination. Due to the labor force cost rise, in local production less than us $10000 in the car, multinational companies are more and more ability not equal to one's ambition, "relying on excellent cost control ability and the growing development strength, in the economy car and minibus field, at present the independent brand enterprise already have a significant market advantage.


Hotspots, Malaysia, Russia


The careful man is not difficult to discover, chery and geely, byd, and so the independent brand seems to happen to coincide the ground focused on Malaysia market. Chinese enterprises in Malaysia's cooperation is the main way of CKD. So, China's national automobile industry why will have a special liking to Malaysia?


The personage inside course of study points out, first of all, from the market potential is the largest in the ten asean countries, people have the ability to consumption car. Secondly, a Malaysian car high tariffs. Chinese car belongs to the low end product, the after-tax price fully meet local people's consumption capacity. Third, China the Damascus to export cars with all the Chinese brand. This is very important. Fourth, China automotive export Malaysia can radiation asean.


In giovanni cobolli gigli, chery, byd, and so China's manufacturers are car market to Malaysia, Malaysia's former prime minister mahathir bin mohamad think, from places such as China cheap car easily take the local carmakers Proton original market share, let it suffered heavy losses.


Why chery and geely car in Malaysia so popular? A Malaysian dealer expressed meaning - QQ price is too cheap. The ministry of commerce of the latest statistics show that the car exports substantially increased at the same time, export average unit price is present glide momentum, the first half of export car average unit price is only $7238.5, a 14.4% decline from a year earlier. Chinese cars have a price war in Chinese market began outside.


The personage inside course of study points out, China's car market export is mainly concentrated in southeast Asia, north Africa, the Middle East and South America some developing countries, the market is narrow. The overlap of the target market and customer, it is inevitable to increase the competition of domestic manufacturers.


If, Malaysia is the hometown of car, then the Russian arms perhaps more broad.


In the Russian market, 2003, zte car company takes the lead in Russia to export 506 units flagship SiQu pickup, since then, the Great Wall, being, hafei, southeast, and other enterprises have to follow up, from last year, China automobile has been in Russia everywhere appeared the trend of sell like hot cakes, a year rose by nearly 10 times. With the Great Wall sports cars, for example, from April this year for Russia related sales the authentication, since the brand car sales volume has reached 3801 vehicles, but also thought in the Russian market create success of south Korean modern cars, into the Russian market sales in the first year is only 500 units.


In Russia influential car magazine "driving" is bullish on the Chinese car. This year the sixth period, the magazine published analysis), the paper said China's automobile although formal into the Russian market time not to grow, but in the local market has set up strong brand image, is deep the Russian consumer's favor, the market prospect with optimism. The article said, China's automotive can a lot into the Russian market, the main reason is the positioning quasi, low price and good quality.


China automotive export Russia, in a short time's success is the important reason firmly seized the Russian consumer psychology, propaganda activity well done, as long as spend a little promise a little, they can buy a good car.


In the Russian market, Chinese pickup for $10500 (87000 yuan), SUV for $20500 (170000 RMB), but Japan and South Korea similar products up price respectively is 21000-22000 dollars and 26000-27000 dollars. In contrast, the Chinese car cheap half, equivalent to buy a send a, provides allure extremely. In addition, China's auto manufacturers choose the most accurate and reasonable market position, aiming at the Russian carmakers rarely involves pickup market. This makes China


In the short term will not be one of Russia's domestic automobile industry "crowding out", at the same time, the Russian market after the other foreign company product cannot and China car competition. When foreign brands from China's counterattack international market?


In 4, 5 months during the Shanghai auto show, daimlerchrysler's senior vice President GuLuBo said a words let room full of journalists, even his assistant were shocked. He revealed, daimlerchrysler are and Taiwan China,


Fujian automobiles tripartite established in China car export base, production Chrysler brand cars, exports to the United States. In the 2005 years, to occupy the Chinese market as the main purpose of the transnational automobile giants, are quickly adjust strategy of China. Volkswagen, wear - g, BMW, general motors, Toyota, nissan transnational enterprise also expressed that is under the export base, formulate feasible export plans. For example, brilliance BMW CEO ShiRunBo said China production BMW has been exported to South Africa, Japan. Dongfeng co., LTD., President village self-government said that at present are considering dongfeng brand exports, target market is Africa, South Africa and southeast Asian countries.


Toyota motor corporation China chief representative clothing department yue male said, will be in the nansha to establish a product export base, the aim is to buy back Japan, southeast Asia. Public China President LeiSi can say, want to care about the development of China's neighboring countries, China, southeast Asia as a market. A far more substantial significance is, June 24,, guangzhou Honda formal exports to Europe 150 Honda car flying across, and plans to export 10000 cars this year, 50000 vehicles a year later the export.


Two years ago, namely on May 29, 2003, Honda (China) co., LTD. In the guangzhou economic development zone export processing zone was completed, this marks China's first by a foreign holdings, the products are all facing the foreign market car enterprise formally began operation.


And to the joint venture enterprise is different, Honda will be holding 65% - for the first time in the car industry in China should not exceed 50% of the national auto industry policy bottom line, it is the premise of Honda motor company guarantee the implementation of the relevant will all cars exported to Europe's commitment.


The multinational enterprise easy string make a fresh start, the main reason is that the Chinese market by thermal alteration cold has plunged, and capacity expansion of the huge pressure. According to the state information center forecast, 2005 years of automotive production capacity will reach 5.2 million units, and plans to sell 3.5 million vehicles, and the actual sales may only 2.87 million cars, both differ 2.5 million cars. And in the next few years, car capacity will still presents the fast expansion trend. The national development and reform commission predicts that by 2007 China all kinds of automobile production capacity is expected to reach 14 million vehicles, and then car sales may only 7 million cars.


In China's capabilities to expand at the same time, China's auto parts supporting production capacity increased rapidly, and form a huge export capacity. Many foreign carmakers in all think, from China's real challenges, at least in the next few years, will be its spare parts industry. The us department of commerce predicts that by 2010, China's auto export (mainly parts) will reach between $70 billion and $100 billion, and it last year's exports to 11.8 billion us dollars.


As the country's auto sales began to slow, and car manufacturers found in local purchase parts are more convenient, China imported car parts demand is reduced. China's automobile industry after three consecutive years of international trade deficit after, the first two months of the year automobile exports reached us $2.01 billion, almost is the $1.17 billion twice the amount of imports. By may of, China's total export automobile products amounted to us $7.113 billion, including export automobile parts, accessories and body $3.123 billion year-on-year growth of 62.7%, export other car related products $1.094 billion.


In Germany, the mainland predictions (Continental Teves) company as an example, in addition to shock brake system valve slice need to continue to purchase from Germany outside, now almost can be produced in China or purchase all other brake parts. In addition, at Warner company (Borg Warner) has also started production in China, for the public company in China in the business of providing supporting services, not from its Italian factory import these parts.


So, when China becomes the overseas brand counterattack world market base?


No one can provide accurate answers, but, China's auto workers labor cost is only 5% to 10% of the developed countries, and quality enhances unceasingly, this is foreign cars incomparable cost advantage. In addition, China in the iron and steel, machinery, chemical, material production of automotive related products in the world first, some labor-intensive products, such as automobile, electric appliance, brake, aluminum wheel, automotive wiring harness, patterned constant speed universal joint, brake linings, etc in the world already occupies an important position, these are for our country become auto export base to provide strong competitiveness.


Artificial low cost, low cost, material and purchasing cost low, once the technology to meet export standards, China produced cars undoubtedly in price advantage. If China can become the world auto export base, China's auto industry will no doubt after "Japan and South Korea model", become another successful model.

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